Praying Through: Psalm 119:4

The Psalm

Psalm 119:4 (CSB) You have commanded that your precepts be diligently kept.

The Prayer

My Living Word

I have failed you

  • time and time again
  • I am so far from keeping your precepts
  • I have broken all of your laws
  • I live in this body death
  • where can I go
  • only to Sheol
  • to sit under your deserving wrath.

But that not what you have determined

  • you will not let me rot in hell
  • you have not given me over to my own wickedness and worthlessness
  • you have promptly and completely removed my sin
  • and you placed upon your loving Son.

Your wrath

  • placed on him
  • he descended into hell
  • for me
  • but since he is the spotless Lamb who was slain
  • not one stitch of infection of Satan and demons could grab onto.

Christ descended into hell--righteous, holy, and blameless

  • he ascended from hell--holy, righteous, and blameless.

That death was mine

  • now his life is mine.

I will praise your name forever.