The Pastoral Epistles: An Introduction & Resources

The Introduction

This series was born out of two things: a desire to serve my local church as an elder and a conversation with my mentor.

I was saved by Christ in April of 2007. Six months later, I wanted to preach the gospel of Christ every day and twice on Sunday. And since then, I have wrestled with that unction. I can preach anywhere but I had serious convictions to do so only as an ordained minister to the local church. What does it mean to be ordained? There are qualifications. And despite the numerous church and denominations, I turned to the Pastoral Epistles to see what the Bible says about the qualifications of an elder and if I fit that qualification.

And then, just have breakfast with a mentor, he suggested journaling my thoughts on the Pastoral Epistles. These are those thoughts.

The Resources

It Goes Without Say

Christian Standard Bible
Holmon Publishing. 2020.

Many times, many teachers, preachers, and small group leaders (myself included) will "cut straight to the chase" and engage the commentary instead of engaging the Word of God. Remember, the commentaries are not without error—they are the observations of the author.

Slow down, pray, read, chew and meditate.

Note: I use the Christian Standard Bible version on this blog default. Other translations, such as the ESV or the NIV1984, will be noted as such.

ESV Reformation Study Bible
Commentary & Edited by R.C. Sproul.
Ligonier Ministries. March 16, 2015.

I don't have much to say except this: if I was restricted to one Study Bible, this would be the one. Even if they never make one for the CSB. That is how much I love R.C. Sproul's notes--they will always refer back to historical creeds and confessions.

ESV Study Bible
Crossway. 2016.

Incredible resource.

If I had to pick just one format (hardcover vs. leather vs. paperback vs. digital), I use it way more in my Olive Tree Study Bible than anything else.

Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible.
New American Standard Bible 1977.
AMG International. 2008.

Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible.
NIV 1984.
Zondervan. 2003.

Life Application Study Bible.
NIV 2011.
Zondervan. 2011.

Commentaries & Books

Calvin's Commentaries.
by John Calvin.
Baker. 2009.
Olive Tree

ESV Expository Commentary: Ephesians–Philemon (Volume 11)
Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., & Jay Sklar (Editors)
Crossway. 2018.

Thessalonians, Timothy, and Titus (NTC).
William Hendriksen.
Baker Book House. 1979.

1-2 Timothy and Titus (EBTC).
Andreas J. Köstenberger.
Lexham Press. 2021.