Praying Through: Psalm 119:15

The Psalm

Psalms 119:15 (CSB) I will meditate on your precepts and think about your ways.

The Prayer

My Living Word

I do not have the intelligence

  • nor the drive
  • nor the will
  • nor the discipline
  • nor the effort
  • nor the where-with-all
  • nor the desire
  • nor the wisdom
  • to pursue your word
  • to read your word
  • to understand your word
  • to comprehend your word
  • to meditate on your word.

I don't got it in me.

Because if I did

  • I would have read your word
  • understand it
  • and do what you say
  • perfectly
  • to the letter.

But I see mere parts of your word

  • and in my finite comprehension
  • fail to do every part.

If I understood

  • I would have done
  • but I do not understand
  • and I sin against you.


  • I have your Word
  • and he dwells in me
  • and your Spirit
  • makes me alive
  • my heart to love
  • comes from you.

I am weak and feeble

  • ignorant and foolish
  • but you have saved me
  • from my own sins and depravity
  • once and for all
  • forever.

I love you.