Praying Through: Psalm 32:6

The Psalm

Psalm 32:6 (CSB) Therefore let everyone who is faithful pray to you immediately. When great floodwaters come, they will not reach him.

The Prayer

God of my little belief

Oh how many times, O Lord, have I whispered nothings gave half-hearted thanks prayed and did not believe spoke and did not think it was real.

When I was an ungodly husband and my weak non-prayers were unanswered When I was a sinful subject and any other king would ignore me or worse yet have me executed for high treason?

But that is not you.

You are the King who sends his heralds to tell the nations about the good news that the God of the universe relentlessly passionately persistently wonderfully goes after us. Even those of us who are the most vile most wicked the chief of sinners like me.

You rescued me you called on me I call on you. You turn your ear to me because I am your son because of Your Son because of Your Spirit within me becasue you love me.

Be exalted, O Lord. Be exalted higher and higher.