Praying Through: Psalm 66

The Psalm

The Prayer

Worthy Are You to Be Praised

Who alone who saves the helpless and the weak the far and the lost the powerless and the downtrodden the slave and the oppressed the wicked and the sinful the blind and the deaf the mute and the dumb

But who Lord when I was oppose to your will when my every breath commit treason against your holiness when my every thought was dipped in wickedness and sin when my every heartbeat longed to be my own god

But who Lord saw me in my wickedness in my deceit in my folly in my stupidness in my ignorance in my sin and had the deepest affection for me.

Nothing stopped you you set your love on me you sent your Son after me you gave your Spirit to seal me your grace keeps me your mercy secures me your righteousness is mine.

There is none like you because you are the only God who saves.