Theologicus: Some Expository Thoughts

The Thought

No pen, no words, no image can express to you the loveliness of my only, only Lord Jesus.
- Samuel Rutherford

The Introduction

Once upon a time, my kids were curious about the books in my office, and asked, "Papa, what are all these books about." I told them, "Mostly, they all say the same thing--that Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

Theologicus is my humble attempt to be a part of those same set of books.

No pen, no words, no image...

I know that is absolutely true. I know I don't have enough time left on this earth to write all the words. Still, I must try. I must spend all of my breaths, all of my life, and write all of my words express my Christ's love and beauty because I love him so much. He is my Lord and my God. I am my Beloved's and he is mine forever.

In a way, if the Bible is a love letter from God to me, then Theologicus is my love letter right back at God. This is my little way of telling my Christ, "When I finally see you, I will hold your face and kiss your face with a thousand kisses because you are so beautiful to me and you have loved me the best."

The Text

In essence, Theologicus--all of my completed works, sermons, commentaries and study notes--is my exposition of Psalms 17:15.

Psalms 17:15 (CSB) But I will see your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with your presence.

Corem Deo. I will live before the face of my God. And I know that one day, I will behold my God.