Praying Through: Psalm 33:13-15

The Psalm

Psalm 33 (CSB)
13 The LORD looks down from heaven; he observes everyone.

14 He gazes on all the inhabitants of the earth from his dwelling place.

15 He forms the hearts of them all; he considers all their works.

The Prayer

My God

I know that all of mankind will wonder into ungodliness will stray into wickedness and by their own sin, fall away in ignorance.

I was once atheistic evil blasphemous ignorant in unbelief

But yet You gave me more grace with the faith and love that can only be found in your Son.

My God, we know that you see us you know we are not good we know that you do not overlord us to condemn us But you’ve sent your Son to save us.

My Lord, Be merciful to me Give me grace beyond measure Never remove your Spirit from me Never end your steadfast love for me Do not forsake me Do not forget me Just be with me

You are worthy to be praised. Forever.