Praying Through: Psalm 33:7

The Psalm

Psalm 33:7 (CSB) He gathers the water of the sea into a heap; he puts the depths into storehouses.

The Prayer

God of the Cosmic

The galaxies fall right into the palm of your hand, the universe are in your grasp the stars are named by you Jupiter is but a little toy to you the sun is pinched between your finger and thumb

We have been here for the length of the creation and yet we do not know the depths of the oceans we are powerless to gather up a ocean wave

But you, my Lord, gathered all the material plane at your mere fingertips.

And you alone, my Lord, gathered my stony heart tossed to the infinite east-west Grabbed into your chest ripped your heart out by sending your Son to live and die and place that love placed into my chest just to give me life.

Blessed be your wonderful name.