Praying Through: Psalm 23:2a He Lets Me Lie Down in Green Pastures

The Psalm

Psalm 23:2a (CSB) He lets me lie down in green pastures

The Prayer

My Lord

You are the Prince of Peace.

Where you are,

  • there I find satisfaction of my wearied soul
  • and find perfect peace where I can truly rest.

Apart from you,

  • I die and I perish.
  • Away from you,
  • I am only tormented by confusion and despair.
  • Without you,
  • there is nothing
  • but destructions
  • by my own hands
  • and by everything around me.

But you, O Lord,

  • call me to enter
  • through you and abide in you.
  • Once I am in your good graces,
  • you take the back-breaking weight of sin off me
  • and place it upon you.
  • Once more, you lay your light,
  • featherweight righteousness upon me.
  • I am no longer under crushing condemnation
  • nor your furious wrath
  • but yet,
  • within the protection
  • of your great arm
  • and the coolness
  • within your great fortress,
  • that is the Rock of Ages.

Once more,

  • you are the truth.
  • While my heart strays
  • and wanders from you,
  • you are the Good Shepherd
  • who would gladly chase me down
  • and bring home over and over again.
  • Because you alone have the words of eternal life,
  • I have nowhere else to go but to come home with you.

I thank you

  • for healing my broken heart and mind.

I thank you

  • for opening my eyes, ears, and mouth of your glory and goodness.

I thank you

  • for giving me strength for you are Christ Jesus my Lord forever.