Praying Through: Psalm 32:4

The Psalm

Psalm 32:4 (CSB) For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was drained as in the summer’s heat. Selah

The Prayer

My Judge and Mercy Alone

Every sin against me

  • does not counter
  • any of my sins.

Their sins are their sins.

  • My sins are my sins.
  • And you will judge accordingly.

But I know of your perfection,

  • your beauty
  • your majesty
  • your holiness
  • and your righteousness.

If you looked upon me,

  • you will see my treason
  • my affairs
  • my thoughts
  • my heart's desires
  • my lusts
  • my wickedness!

And by that,

  • you will be left wanting.

But it is my sins,

  • my treason
  • my trespass
  • my rage
  • my war
  • against you
  • that you looked upon
  • and saw my infinite shortcomings
  • and decided
  • alone upon your grace
  • alone upon your mercy
  • alone upon your sweet love
  • and you saved me.


I was meant to die I was meant to take on the cosmos-filled wrath I was meant for hell

But you sent your Son

  • to die for me
  • to absorb every ounce of wrath
  • to and descend into hell
  • so that I might live
  • and move
  • and my being
  • with you
  • unto you
  • by you
  • through you
  • and from you
  • alone.

You are my God forever.

Forever I will love you.