Praying Through: Psalm 36:5

The Psalm

Psalm 36 (CSB)
5 LORD, your faithful love reaches to heaven, your faithfulness to the clouds.

The Prayer

My Only Righteousness

I search this earth for something that is good and holy none I can find I see semblances but none fulfilling.

But you led me to your word and your word speaks of you.

I see that you alone are good holy justified merciful gracious loving and righteous.

And we are so far from you I even see my own heart and I am an infinite distant from your presence.

Who would bridge this gap?

Is it I? Then, let me try my best let me abstain from sin let me not look at porn let me not lust after someone eclipses let me not steal let me not life let me not swell in pride let me fail not in helping those in need let me do good1

Oh but everything I do is infected with sin.

I see it because I know it in my heart.

When I am helpful, I do so in order for people to like me. When I am nice, I want people to think I am good.

But if they could see my heart if they could see the thoughts of my minds that sin runs continuously that wickedness runs without end that treason is built into my soul and they judge me wanting.

But you saw the depths of my soul even beyond what I can see in the darkness and despair and you did not cower you did not look away you took pity on this old fool and you gave me your Son and you gave me your Spirit and you gave me your inheritance your daily mercies your sweetest grace and your steadfast love.

Keep me in palms of your hands O Lord I stand on the spoken word of your Son that no one not anything even sin Satan death demons and hell can take me from your hand

Furthermore, my God you would never let me go.

Keep me in your heart and speak into my soul and write your words in my heart that I may never sin against you.