Praying Through: Psalm 34:10

The Psalm

Psalm 34 (CSB)
10 Young lions lack food and go hungry, but those who seek the LORD will not lack any good thing.

The Prayer

Infinite holder of my infinite space

I have sought all of my life

  • to prey on the weak
  • to consume to my stomach's content
  • to try to fill my heart
  • with everything
  • my sin's desires
  • the world and it's pleasures
  • the sweetest temptations of the devil

My God,

  • you knew me
  • and loved me
  • you sought me
  • and rescued me
  • when I was in the mud
  • at the bottom of the ocean
  • and was dead in my trespasses.

Your arm

  • none too short
  • reached in
  • carried me up
  • took me to green pastures
  • laid me besides still waters
  • restored my soul
  • for your name sake only.

Feed my body

  • be my forever sustenance
  • be my forever strength
  • be my forever shield
  • be my forever salvation.

In you, will I trust.