Praying Through: Psalm 34:19-22

The Psalm

The Prayer

The Sovereign Power over my life

My God,

  • if I was raped
  • tortured
  • bruised
  • afflicted
  • pressed
  • crushed
  • beaten
  • sicken
  • destroyed
  • attacked
  • for all of my days
  • If I faced unspeakable
  • evil acts against me

I will call upon you

  • to give me your Son
  • to give me your Spirit
  • to raise my lowly head
  • to open my eyes
  • to see your lovely face
  • once more
  • to take me home

My life before you

  • was everything evil
  • was none of it good
  • it was torturous
  • crushing
  • back-breaking
  • afflicting
  • because of the sheer weight
  • of all of my sins.

The evil I have done

  • was enough to try to take my life
  • and surely I was not good
  • surely I would have perish
  • and be under the wrath of your Son
  • forever.

For I was once foolish,

  • disobedient,
  • led astray,
  • slaves to various passions and pleasures,
  • passing my days in malice and envy,
  • hated by others
  • and hating everybody.

But when

  • the goodness and
  • loving kindness of
  • God my Savior appeared,
  • you saved me.

Not because of any works I have done in righteousness,

  • because everything that I have ever done
  • are stench of death to your nostrils.

But why?

  • According to your own mercy,
  • by the washing me in regeneration and
  • renewal of the Holy Spirit,
  • whom you have poured out on me
  • richly through Jesus Christ my Savior,
  • so that I am justified by his grace
  • and I might become an heir
  • according to the hope of eternal life.

Praise your lovely name on high.