Praying Through: Psalm 23:6b Mercies

The Psalm

Psalm 23:6b (CSB) faithful love

The Prayer

O Lord,

Tender mercies,

  • you have given me
  • every single day that I life. I was so far from you
  • from your will
  • and your flock
  • and your heart.

But I was never more

  • than a mere breath away
  • from your mercies for me.

Even in my wickedness,

  • your kindness towards me
  • was your continuous call
  • for me to come home to you.

My God,

  • Keep me close to your heart
  • and do not let me stray.
  • What little I know of my heart,
  • I know it wants to flee from you.

You, my God,

  • keep your children close.
  • Never let me go.
  • Do what you must
  • so I can spend all of my days
  • with you.

I love you, Lord.

  • and I lift my voice
  • to worship you.
  • Forevermore.