Praying Through: Psalm 32:8-9

The Psalm

The Prayer

Spirit of Christ

Without you, I am completely ignorant of you.

There are not enough classes in the world to sit and learn about you.

There are not enough books to sit and read to know you.

All the data in the world multiplied one billion fold couldn't even contain what the Son has done what the Father has thought let alone how You move.

All knowledge, wisdom, and understanding philosophies, logic, reason science, medicine, and technology comes from you and is all your own.

More so to even see your glory to even call upon your name to even pray to you to be saved by you that sheer ability and knowledge you will need to give that to us first.

We are dead in our trespasses and dead men do not cry out Dead men do not think Dead men cannot pray Dead men cannot worship unless you give them life.

Uncover our eyes open our ears change our minds unmute our tongues exchange our hearts and make Your place into our souls.

Mark us seal us unto the Father.

Praise your holy name.