Praying Through: Psalm 23:6d All The Days of My Life

The Psalm

Psalm 23:6d (CSB) all the days of my life

The Prayer

My Lord and God,

Your Son has shed his blood for me,

  • so that I now believe.

Your Son has given up his life,

  • so that I might live forever.

You have taken my sin-filled heart,

  • and my wonton desires,
  • and replaced them with your own heart,
  • and my desire is only for you.

Because you have done it all,

  • to save me to yourself,
  • I am yours.

Come make your home in me,

  • Lord Jesus, come into my heart.
  • Spirit of God, fill my life.

Make your home within me,

  • so that I might not sin against thee.