Praying Through: Psalm 87 Dwelling

The Psalm

Psalm 87 (CSB)
A psalm of the sons of Korah. A song.

1 The city he founded is on the holy mountains.

2 The LORD loves Zion’s city gates more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

3 Glorious things are said about you, city of God. Selah

4 “I will make a record of those who know me: Rahab, Babylon, Philistia, Tyre, and Cush— each one was born there.”

5 And it will be said of Zion, “This one and that one were born in her.” The Most High himself will establish her.

6 When he registers the peoples, the LORD will record, “This one was born there.” Selah

7 Singers and dancers alike will say, “My whole source of joy is in you.”

The Prayer


Where is my home and my heart and my love and my belongings and my rest?

None other than your Blessed Son who is my King of kings but who is my friend and my oldest brother and my love and satisfaction.

You have proven yourself over time and time again that you are mine and I am yours forevermore.

And there is nothing that can harm me hurt me damage me or separate me from your precious love.

You are my God and my Christ my keeper and my Lord You are exalted far above all of my gods.

I will exalt you till my last heartbeat till my dying breath till my final thought I will worship you I will glorify you forever.