Praying Through: Psalm 67

The Psalm

The Prayer

Worthy is Your Grace

I will never stop writing words sing songs mulling thoughts sleeping in my dreams reading books dwelling in your word filled with your Spirit to try do my best to express the grace that you have drowned me in lavished upon my life that is more than all the riches in the world more than the deepest minds the greatest wisdom all the love all of everything.

Your grace is more than my pain my despair my deceit my hurts my wounds my brokenness my trauma the sin committed against me the sin I have committed against others all the evil in this world.

Your grace was fulfilled perfect complete totality definite found in your Son Jesus Christ.

Now I am saved

Now I am yours

Now you are mine

Your presence is forever with me and I am forever in your grasp No one can ever remove me nothing can ever separate us nothing can come between us.

Your grace is worth more than anything I ever had in this world and the best of anything I have ever lost.

You found me and now I have everything because I have you You are my heart and my love and joy forever.