Praying Through: Psalm 23:6e You Are My Home Forever

The Psalm

Psalm 23:6e (CSB) I will dwell in the house of the LORD as long as I live.

The Prayer

My Dearest God

You were mindful of me, before the foundations of the world were formed by you.

You did not merely saw, but you knew me intimately from the inside out.

You knew that my heart was desperately sick filled with sin and far from you.

Yet, I was formed by your loving hands inside my mother's womb. You have been my Lord since I have been at my mother's breast.

I was a beast before you. I defiled your holy name. I made war with your throne. I bastardized your saving grace.

Nonetheless, you held me in your hands, you alone rerouted my destiny.

You've set your Son to live to die to rise to ascend to glory so that I would be saved perfectly completely totally infinitely.

Once I saw your glory I would have been content to be a day in your house a post at your door to eat crumbs from your table to do as you command because from everlasting to everlasting you are God,

But you were never content nor satisfied unless I rest upon your chest to rejoice in your glory to dance in your joy to lie still in your peace to live in your power.

And so you brought me in, gave me your Son's own robe signet upon my finger gospel upon my feet seal upon my heart a seat at your table a place in your heart a whisper in my ear in your home.

Because my God, you are my home. Where you lead me, I will follow. Because it is there, I will be home with you.