Praying Through: Psalm 34:3

The Psalm

Psalm 34:3 (CSB)
3 Proclaim the LORD’s greatness with me; let us exalt his name together.

The Prayer

Deliverer from Death

People of God, inhabitants of the world dwellers in the city

Turn your eyes upon God look at his amazing love His grace is for you!

You do not have to die in your sin He will rescue you! He will pull you from hell

You say, "I have no sin" then you are condemned already but those in Christ there is no condemnation

You say, "There is no hell" but to those who do not trust and obey the Son the wrath of God remains upon you! But if you believe and obey the Lamb who was slain he takes the wrath that was properly owed to you.

You say, "There is no God" Do not be a hypocrite Do not suppress what you have seen what you have experience what you know about God. Go back into the only good perfect blameless word where He speaks about who He is who His Son is and what His Spirit will do.

I pray that you worship God with me that you love God with all of your heart that you pray to God and ask to be delivered

Your circumstances might not change your sins might catch up you will still be affected by other's sins But God will always be there He will mark you as holy because he is holy He will count you as righteous because his Son took on your sin He will call you His beloved child because the Spirit shall bear witness.

Worship God! He alone is worthy.