Praying Through: Psalm 34:3

The Psalm

Psalm 34:3 (CSB)
3 Proclaim the LORD’s greatness with me; let us exalt his name together.

The Prayer

Deliverer from Death

People of God,

  • inhabitants of the world
  • dwellers in the city

Turn your eyes upon God

  • look at his amazing love
  • His grace is for you!

You do not have to die in your sin

  • He will rescue you!
  • He will pull you from hell

You say, "I have no sin"

  • then you are condemned already
  • but those in Christ
  • there is no condemnation

You say, "There is no hell"

  • but to those who do not
  • trust and obey the Son
  • the wrath of God remains upon you!
  • But if you believe and obey
  • the Lamb who was slain
  • he takes the wrath
  • that was properly owed to you.

You say, "There is no God"

  • Do not be a hypocrite
  • Do not suppress
  • what you have seen
  • what you have experience
  • what you know
  • about God.
  • Go back into the only
  • good
  • perfect
  • blameless
  • word
  • where He speaks about who He is
  • who His Son is
  • and what His Spirit will do.

I pray

  • that you worship God
  • with me
  • that you love God
  • with all of your heart
  • that you pray to God
  • and ask to be delivered

Your circumstances might not change

  • your sins might catch up
  • you will still be affected by other's sins
  • But God will always be there
  • He will mark you as holy
  • because he is holy
  • He will count you as righteous
  • because his Son took on your sin
  • He will call you His beloved child
  • because the Spirit shall bear witness.

Worship God!

  • He alone is worthy.