Praying Through: Psalm 23:6c You Will Always Be With Me

The Psalm

Psalm 23:6c (CSB) will pursue me

The Prayer

My Blessed Redeemer,

Your Word stands true.

For you have declared that,

  • your law is perfect
  • and it revives my soul.

Your testimony is sure,

  • turning my foolishness
  • into wisdom.

Moreover, your precepts are always right,

  • my heart rejoices.

Your commandments are pure,

  • now my eyes can now see.

To fear you is my righteousness,

  • I will be with you forever.

Once more, your rules are truth,

  • and right-standing altogether.

I desire you, O Lord,

  • more so than all the riches.

I love you, my God,

  • and you are sweeter than honey,
  • and the drippings of
  • a honeycomb.

If you say you have spoken to me,

  • then you will abide me forever.

If you say your Son died for me

  • then I will live to you forever.

If you say your Spirit has sealed me,

  • then I am yours forever. Be exalted in my praise,
  • my Lord and God.