Praying Through: Psalm 17

The Psalm

Psalm 17 (CSB)
A prayer of David.

1 LORD, hear a just cause; pay attention to my cry; listen to my prayer— from lips free of deceit.

2 Let my vindication come from you, for you see what is right.

3 You have tested my heart; you have examined me at night. You have tried me and found nothing evil; I have determined that my mouth will not sin.

4 Concerning what people do: by the words from your lips I have avoided the ways of the violent.

5 My steps are on your paths; my feet have not slipped.

6 I call on you, God, because you will answer me; listen closely to me; hear what I say.

7 Display the wonders of your faithful love, Savior of all who seek refuge from those who rebel against your right hand.

8 Protect me as the pupil of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings

9 from the wicked who treat me violently, my deadly enemies who surround me.

10 They are uncaring; their mouths speak arrogantly.

11 They advance against me; now they surround me. They are determined to throw me to the ground.

12 They are like a lion eager to tear, like a young lion lurking in ambush.

13 Rise up, LORD! Confront him; bring him down. With your sword, save me from the wicked.

14 With your hand, LORD, save me from men, from men of the world whose portion is in this life: You fill their bellies with what you have in store; their sons are satisfied, and they leave their surplus to their children.

15 But I will see your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with your presence.

The Prayer

O Father,

You are God of the Universe. Holy, righteous, just. High above my idols. High above my sins. High above my faults. High above the twisted wickedness of my own heart. In no way could I have ever approach you.

But you, O Lord, abundant in mercy and rich in grace, made the way. You sent your Son to come get me. Now I am yours.

I am your son. You are my Father. You attention is quick. Your ear inclines to my voice. You heard me the first time. You know what I need. You wait for me to speak to you. You commune with me. You are unified with me. And I am with you forever.

I am your darling. I am your love.

I was once wicked. I was once violently opposed your glorious name. But you spoke to me, called to me and made me your friend.

Although your enemies try to turn against me, your Son has delivered the killing blow to sin, tragically crippled Satan and his demons, and struck the death-knell unto Death. My enemies are mortally weak. My enemies lack power. My enemies are soundly defeated.

Now, I carry out your great commission. I go forward with the command to love you and love others. By your strength, I will run this race well. One day, you will come and get me or bring me home. On that day, my heart will now finally be filled. I will be fully satisfied because I will have held my Savior’s face and kiss His face with ten thousand kisses.

I love you.

In your Son’s beautiful name, I pray. Amen.