Praying Through: Psalm 119:13

The Psalm

Psalms 119:13 (CSB) With my lips I proclaim all the judgments from your mouth.

The Prayer

My Living Word

I know of your justice

  • and your terrifying wrath
  • you do as you please
  • in your good will
  • you strike down the wicked
  • and you perish your foes.

With my mouth

  • I tremble to speak
  • of your judgments
  • for I am a sinner
  • and I deserve your wrath.


  • I am obligated
  • to speak to those
  • who face your wrath
  • for they do not believe
  • to call upon the name of the Lord
  • to look up upon him
  • and see his lovely face
  • and believe in him
  • and they will be saved.

I will speak of your good news

  • of your tender mercies
  • of your grace leveling on grace
  • of your steadfast love
  • to your people
  • whom you have saved
  • from your just wrath to come.


  • give me the words
  • because I am lacking in speech
  • give me a tender heart
  • to the captives
  • and a shepherding heart
  • to those who are precious in your sight.