Praying Through: Psalm 69 Savior

The Psalm

The Prayer


I sit in the darkness once again I have been here before this a quiet and cold place where I can smell the sin waiting for me to sleep.

All of the pain all of the loss all of the sin that I have ever experienced has brought me back to this place and it is cold and dark where I can almost make out the evil waiting for me to lay down

My sickness my sin my disease my brokenness are now my companions

And every time I come back here I would be devoured and eating to the near last bite and you would come and get me and keep my soul.

This time this round this year I stay awake alive quick strong in this sadness in this quiet int his cold because now you are my only companion you are my beloved you are my love you are my God

Keep me keep your son don't let me perish.

But more so just stay with me just keep me with you and I will always be okay because I am yours.