Praying Through: Psalm 35:1-3

The Psalm

Psalm 35:1–3 (CSB)
1 Oppose my opponents, LORD; fight those who fight me.

2 Take your shields—large and small— and come to my aid.

3 Draw the spear and javelin against my pursuers, and assure me, “I am your deliverance.”

The Prayer

My Only Shield of Salvation

I remembered

  • being attacked
  • all of my days
  • and having no will to fight
  • succumbing to the attacks of Satan
  • easily
  • like a sheep
  • like a prisoner of war
  • tortured
  • for entertainment
  • to despise your holy name.

When you saved me,

  • your hand was upon me
  • your shield protected me
  • you healed my heart
  • you mended my bones
  • you restored my soul.

But just as David called his mighty men

  • you called on me
  • there are numerous giants to be slain
  • for Satan and his demons
  • have sharpened their arrows
  • quickened their aim
  • sure their shots.

But you are the Commander of the Most High

  • and I bow at your command
  • I am on your side
  • you are my Lord.

Give me your will

  • and with your grace
  • I will make it my own
  • for Your are my Redeemer and Judge
  • and your resurrecting Spirit
  • is always with me.

Guard me from temptation

  • but give me yourself
  • my Christ and Lord
  • to give me the strength and endurance
  • to wrap my hands
  • around the necks of my gods
  • my torturers
  • my giants
  • and crushed their windpipes
  • until they fall lifeless
  • and dead forever.

Sin has not conquered me

  • for you alone have conquered sin
  • forever.

I love you, Lord.