Praying Through: Psalm 119:3

The Psalm

Psalm 119:3 (CSB) They do nothing wrong; they walk in his ways.

The Prayer

My Living Word

But I have have done everything wrong

  • where do I even begin
  • I was born in sin
  • I lived in filth
  • I knew sin since birth
  • I lived in depravity since I was a child
  • and I loved it
  • and it comforted me
  • and sin crushed me and grind my bones
  • left me ashamed and confused.

I continually sinned against you

  • I would even blasphemed your name and take it for granted.

How did you respond?

You saved me

  • from the bottomless depths of my wickedness
  • from the weight of my wretchedness
  • from the despair of my worthlessness
  • you saved me
  • and you loved me.

There is none like you

  • you are the only Holy One of God.