Praying Through: Psalm 101 Worthy

The Psalm

Psalm 101 (CSB)
A psalm of David.

1 I will sing of faithful love and justice; I will sing praise to you, LORD.

2 I will pay attention to the way of integrity. When will you come to me? I will live with a heart of integrity in my house.

3 I will not let anything worthless guide me. I hate the practice of transgression; it will not cling to me.

4 A devious heart will be far from me; I will not be involved with evil.

5 I will destroy anyone who secretly slanders his neighbor; I cannot tolerate anyone with haughty eyes or an arrogant heart.

6 My eyes favor the faithful of the land so that they may sit down with me. The one who follows the way of integrity may serve me.

7 No one who acts deceitfully will live in my palace; the one who tells lies will not be retained here to guide me.

8 Every morning I will destroy all the wicked of the land, wiping out all evildoers from the LORD’s city.

The Prayer


You have picked me a cistern of destruction a vessel to rightfully receive your wrath

And instead you have made me a lamp of your grace a temple of your mercy a receiver of your compassion

Because the Spirit rests and dwells in me the Son lives in my heart the Father have made your home in me

For I will worship you all of my days because you have chosen me a man fit for destruction cleansed me and washed me and made me yours

For as long as you are with me I will forever be saved because your works are perfect your faithfulness is certain and your love is steadfast

I praise you for your mercy and kindness for all of my days