Praying Through: Psalm 23:1a The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Psalm

Psalm 23:1a (CSB) The LORD is my shepherd

The Prayer

You are my Good Shepherd. You fled the ninety-nine

  • in order to come rescue me,
  • when I could not possibly rescue myself. You saved me
  • from certain damnation,
  • you’ve rescued me from the slaughter. You’ve taken all of my sin,
  • and you let the wrath of Father
  • fall upon your heart You bled out for me,
  • so that I might live forever. Lord, keep me in your care,
  • I pray that you keep good shepherds
  • to care and feed me.
  • none that will run away
  • at the first sight of danger
  • none that will be swayed
  • to and fro by every wind of doctrine
  • but stay the course because
  • you are their strength and resolve. I praise your holy name ever.