Praying Through: Psalm 33:5

The Psalm

Psalm 33:5 (CSB) He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the LORD’s unfailing love.

The Prayer

My Eternal Righteousness

I have spent a lifetime ignoring this precious truth that you loved the world so much that you sent your only begotten Son to live and die for his people to rise again to champion over death hell Satan demons sin.

For those who want to live with you forever we would only need to believe in you trust in you obey your word and take you at your word.

The earth if full of the steadfast love of the Lord because You have sent your Son to us

You love righteousness because You have sent your Son to us

You love justice because You have sent your Son speedily to us

Lord, help me to never cease wondering at who you are to never wander from your right hand to never look away from your beautiful face deliver me to keep me with you to lay my head upon your heart to rest in your arms and keep from sin all the days of my life