Praying Through: Psalm 33:4

The Psalm

Psalm 33:4 (CSB) For the word of the LORD is right, and all his work is trustworthy.

The Prayer

The Absolute of All His Promises,

I remember when you fulfilled your word in the gospel to Adam and Eve in the promise to Noah and his family in the covenant to Abraham in your example with Saul in your steadfastness to David in your wisdom with Soloman in your keep with Isaiah in your tower with Jeremiah in your instructions with Hosea in your mystery with Daniel in your glory with Ezekiel in your ending with Malachi

That you alone would send a Savior bring a Messiah to crush the enemy to keep your justice sure out of a family upon the throne to rescue His beloved to save His people from their sins to adopted into your family to be redeemed of their past to be resurrected to glory to never perish to never see corruption to never see hell to the fullness of life to the presence of unending joy to pleasures forevermore

That is Jesus Christ the fulfiller of the law the keeper of the promises the worthy lamb that was slain the absorber of wrath the burden of my sin the bearer of my sorrows the welcomer of my trespasses the seed of Abraham the righteousness of me the lover of my soul the love of my heart

I am my Beloved and he is mine forever.