Praying Through: Psalm 30:1-3

The Psalm

Psalm 30:1–3 (CSB) I will exalt you, LORD, because you have lifted me up and have not allowed my enemies to triumph over me. LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you healed me. LORD, you brought me up from Sheol; you spared me from among those going down to the Pit.

The Prayer

O LORD my God,

I sing praises to your name,

  • for you are worthy
  • and worthy to be praised.

I have cried for help,

  • too many times to recall
  • How many times have you responded?
  • All of them plus one more.

I know I am with you,

  • and because of that
  • I am being healed by your loving grace
  • My soul has been afflicted
  • My heart has been scorched
  • My body has been abused
  • But you are my everlasting joy
  • and the healer of all iniquity and sin.

For the sin that has affected me,

  • you have picked me up
  • set me on your Rock
  • cleansed my wounds
  • gave me a new heart
  • with your desires
  • and called me your own.

For all of my treacherous sins,

  • you set your affections upon me
  • you chased after me with your full Might
  • and because you loved me so much
  • you sent your Son
  • to live for me
  • to die in my place
  • to resurrect so that I would be fully alive
  • and then rose to glory
  • All because you are glorious.

There is none like you.