Praying Through: Psalm 119:1

The Psalm

Psalm 119:1 (CSB) How happy are those whose way is blameless, who walk according to the LORD’s instruction!

The Prayer

My Living Word

If I have kept your ways

  • I would have been happy
  • but I have not
  • because I was born wicked
  • led astray
  • in and of sin
  • far apart from you.

And sin continues to hunt me down

  • and stalk me
  • waiting to tear me to shreds
  • my own sin
  • devours me from the inside out
  • infected my thoughts continuously
  • breaking my heart over and over again.


  • you knew all of that
  • because you seen the depths of my soul
  • you have peered into my heart
  • and have seen nothing but depravity
  • weakness
  • frailty
  • sin
  • unholiness
  • unrighteousness.

My fathers

  • sin mightily
  • and I have inherited their worthless estate.

What shall I do?


  • I can do nothing
  • I have nothing but all of my gross sin
  • this is my offering
  • my complete worst
  • my abomination
  • my sins against myself
  • others
  • You, O God.

You still know

  • that I would never come to you
  • never ask you for help
  • never seek out salvation
  • never repent of my sins
  • continue in my sin unto death.

But you gave me yourself

  • You came to me
  • You sent your Son to live and die for me
  • You sent your Spirit to raise me from the dead
  • you gave me your heart
  • all to do what?

To repent of my sins

  • to turn my wickedness
  • to turn to you
  • to run to you
  • to plead to you
  • to save me from my sins.

And you have

  • and you are
  • and you will
  • because I am yours
  • and you are mine
  • forever.