Praying Through: Psalm 23:1b I Have What I Need

The Psalm

Psalm 23:1b (CSB) I have what I need.

The Prayer

My Lord Above,

I thank you for your perfect provision.

You are my Good Father in heaven

  • and because I am your child,
  • you have always provided for me.

When I was younger, I wanted many things

  • but you did not provide them.

But looking back,

  • those things I wanted
  • would have harmed me
  • or cause me to turn away from you.

But what you have always done

  • is gave something even better,
  • which turned out to be actually good.

It is by your hand alone

  • that I have shelter over my head,
  • food in my stomach,
  • water upon my dried tongue.

It is by your strength

  • I am able to stand
  • work
  • seek out accomplishments
  • which is the work you have provided
  • for me to do for your glory.

But more than that,

  • you are my All-in-all
  • because you gave me everything
  • when you gave me yourself
  • in Christ Jesus my Lord.

Since I have your love,

  • your Son,
  • your Spirit,
  • you have given me so much
  • that heaven and earth
  • can give me no more.

I will praise you

  • with every single breath you give me.

And I will love you

  • with all the love you have given me.