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Praying Through: Psalms

Scaling from daily to weekly.

Divorcing from Weekly Weekday Releases–Kinda

I started writing and having different series releasing on different weekdays. It helped me to have something “due” to help me push my writing.

My previous theme didn’t really support that layout. Turns out, I couldn’t successfully find another hugo theme that supported my weekday-due writing.

So I have moved away from Monday, Tuesday, etc.. and instead, moved more into Series.

That took some massive reorganization but I think this is so much better.

There are some things that I decided to post every day like Bible Studies or Prayers. There are other things like A Few Quotes that will be released on Fridays because I am a creature of habit.

I think this re-org is way better in so many ways.

Heads up: I had some tech writings that was here but didn’t fit. I am moving that to a tech blog.

Meditations from the Pastoral Epistles

Two things I know now.

One, I don’t know how to spell ‘meditations’.

Two, I didn’t know what I was doing with my ‘reflections’ on the Pastoral Epistles starting with 1 Timothy.

A few months ago, I have had the sheer blessing and grace of God to be in the company of, the protegé for, and with a friend named Dave. Dave is an older saint–retired Senior Pastor of a local Baptist church, married, kids and grandkids, and has seen a few things.

We agreed to walk through a study of the Pastoral Epistles. To which, I began the study and writing thereof. I was going to put these into a little series that went nowhere.

But I saw the book the other day which was entitled, “Meditations on 1 Timothy”. And from there, I came with up a little template containing the Text, Devotion and a Prayer for those I am ministering to.

I pray that these prayers will keep my love on fire for the people of God (John 21, 1 Corinthians 12-14).

Join me. New Meditation every Wednesday.

Progress: Study Romans

Tentative Release Date: Mar 1st

Status as of Feb 9th:

  • Written 31/65
  • Record 1/65

Study Romans

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Since starting an internship at my local church, I am prayerfully and utterly dependent on God for direction and steps. Most certainly, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps."1

What boils that down for me is to answer this question at every turn, “Where does God’s grace have me at the moment?” I am future guy. What that means is that nine times out of ten, I think about the future, stay in the future, and “live” in the future. The past? That is old news. I don’t have time for history. The present? As you can imagine, I have had a difficult time staying present when I spend all of my time trying to get to the future.

Doc Brown and I are one

Doc Brown and I are one

But when I ask the question, “Where does God’s grace have me right now?”, that anchors me to the present and makes me realize what God is doing now.

In short, I want to preach the gospel. Most of my energy and time and effort has been to this end. Does it mean plant churches or stand on a street corner or become an elder or become a lead pastor somewhere? Maybe or maybe not. I have been, quite imperfectly, been seeking God’s face and his will for over thirteen years. I don’t know what it entails. I don’t know what else God would have me do.

But because I ask the question of God’s grace, this is what I do know:

First, whatever He asks me to do, I will be prepared and ready. He has called me. He has made me ready. I can wait on him. And I am not always going to be perfectly patient. But He has more than enough grace for me when I get antsy.

Second, until such a time, I, as a child of God, enjoy the freedoms only afforded to me because I am a child of God.

What does that mean? I get to love God. I get to obey His word. I get to repent of sin. I get to fulfill the Great Commandment which includes raise disciples2, understand the Scriptures and be his empowered witness3 to the end of the earth4. If I take it one step further, I know I am called to feed, care, and love His lambs5.

Let us not forget Mark’s account, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."6

I think I am to preach in the context of corporate worship. Maybe or maybe not. God will call that shot. And with the pandemic as is, that might be a long reach. But, because of the Triune God dwelling inside of me, I do understand the Scripture and study the Scriptures. And with that, I will share my studies.

This is the format I am working out:

  1. Keep the studies short - I am not here to deliver a minimum study length.
  2. Start with once per day - My goal is to work up to three times a day
  3. If safe, host the study - Either a small group at my home or at a local coffee shop. Starting out, I will take precaution and see what the numbers look like from day to day. One thing to note: these studies will be short and sweet. If you can show up, I wouldn’t even bother taking your coat off most of the time. It might be five minutes. It might be five hours. I will go before God and ask Him for what I am to say and teach. He determines the length.
  4. Post with accompanied podcast episode once per day - For those who can’t make it to the study, I will give a quick daily recap and post it your podcast app of choice. Again, I am not here to adhere to a set time. Five minutes? Five hours? That’s on God.

So join me for a new daily series, Study: Romans. Podcast links to come.

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  2. Matthew 28:16–20 ↩︎

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