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Backing off: Bible Survey & Switching from WCF to 1689

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - So I just got the word from the elders that we will make the transition from Calvary Chapel to Reformed Baptist 1689 2nd London Baptist Confession by the end of the year.

I am going to put the Survey on hold and go back to weekly expositions of the Westminster Confession.

For those who do not know: All the confessions are essentially the same chapters. The chapters on Baptism will be differing between those denominations who practice infant baptism (Presbyterians & Anglicans) and those who practice faith baptism (Baptists).

I thought and prayed about this for a while. I have decided to switch gears and convert my work from expositing the WCF to the 1689 because of where my church is going. The work so far will not be in vain. And I think it would be wise to continue using the resources that I have been using for the WCF.

(Be prepare for some transitioning. 1689/WCF section might be a little messy for a moment. -Ed.)

Pastorals: FINISHED

Thursday, September 8, 2022 - First volumes on the Epistles to Timothy & Titus is done! Praise be to my God.

Coming Soon! OT & NT Survey

Sunday, September 4, 2022 - I had a pastor friend of my, Alex, who is preaching and evangelizing in Kenya, asked me to come teach the Bible to him and his pastor friends.

I wasn’t sure if I would have the budget for such an adventure at least for a couple years. More so than that, what could I teach?

So I will write out a Survey on the Old and New Testaments. That will be the new Tuesday series.

Sunday, August 14, 2022 - I have prayed and meditate on this decision for a long while. I decided to strip the media links to the individual post. I will keep the links to YouTube, Twitch, Podcasts on the home page.

What does this mean?

Doesn’t mean I won’t keep recording and broadcasting. Honestly, externally going over my notes (i.e. blog posts) helps me know the word of God even more so–to dwell and meditate on him night and day.

What it does mean that the recordings are not the main focus of Theologicus. This site, my blog, my recordings' main focus is to know the word of God. Ergo, honestly, nothing more than a really big bag of study notes.

From Podcasts to Commentary Set

Sunday, May 8, 2022 - So here’s the real deal: the Internet at my rural home in Kentucky is a struggle bus. By God’s good grace, it is good enough for my wife and I to get work done during the day and we can stream a movie at night. But live streaming and/or uploading videos is a real chore.

So I had to step back and look at the bigger picture: what do I really want to do. What I figured out is that the podcast/videos/“radio” episodes is really just an extension and the effect of the writing.

So what is the purpose of writing? One, when God gives me the grace to preach his word, I will be ready. But writing these sermons is really my worship to God. Whether anybody sees it or it ever gets published, it matters not because I know He will see it. And then pondering and praying more about it–my favorite commentaries have always been the ones you can read cover-to-cover. R.C. Sproul’s St. Andrew’s set or Preaching the Word from Crossway come to mind.

So I will do just that. Let this writing and preparing not be accidental but purposeful. Let me be intentional of turning all of these writings into a Bible commentary set. (I think the term is “running commentary”.)

Now that I have a goal and a purpose, I know what I am aiming for. And the best part is that I can still end up recording and broadcasting episodes later on if there is grace to be had.

Those who are familiar with Agile and Sprint, follow the progress over at my sprint board at

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