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Massive Updates

I have changed this site so much and forgot to post what is going on. Here we go.

Posts within Series are in Chronological order

By default in any blog software in the world, they want newest post first. Since I have been blogging for about 14 years, I have never, ever wanted my posts laid out like that. I write in series or chapters and they only make sense if you start at the beginning and work your way through.

Recent Posts, Categories, and Tags are posted like blog posts–newest to oldest. Check there for the latest and greatest.

Twitch, Youtube, and Podcasting

I have decided to bring my posts to streaming media.

At the beginning, I thought that podcast was the way to go. To be honest, recording for podcasting is rough on me. I don’t know if it is because I am worried about the post-editing process or the fact my braces are causing me triple dry month. I got geared up to do a daily podcasts with my [Bible Study: Romans(/series/bible-study-romans) but recording for podcasts beat me down. Much to my dismay, I shelved the podcasting idea.

But something kept drawing me to Twitch. While I love playing StarCraft 2, no one wants to watch me trudge through the metal leagues. (That would be gaming speak for “I suck!") so I really don’t know why Twitch. But I had a couple people I follow do a sorta gaming-devotional hybrid. That made me want to try doing my Bible Studies live.

After I figured out OBS and Twitch–twisting and tweaking–and started streaming, something in me just got lit. Perhaps it was God that was drawing me to doing my studies live, but oh my goodness, I love live streaming. Like I did my Romans Study today at noon today and I just can’t wait to stream again.

I wanna do one every day.

But… let me pace myself. So, here is the current schedule:

Here is the greatest thing about using OBS and streaming to Twitch is because of the software, I am automatically recording the video.

So I then post to YouTube. From there, I simple import the audio using GarageBand and post it into my Podcast.

Because I am streaming, I can post to three different medias.

So here are the links:




Hear at: