The Psalm

Psalm 103:14 (CSB) For he knows what we are made of, remembering that we are dust.

The Prayer

For all of my sins
  and my wickedness
  and my evil
  my pride
  my hubris
  my arrogance
  my lust
  my selfishness
  my self-centeredness
  my anger
  my wrath
  my hatred
  my bitterness
  my resentment
  my jealousy
  my envy
  my greed
  my gluttony
  my sloth
  my laziness
  my apathy
  my indifference
  my lack of love
  my lack of compassion
  my lack of mercy
  my lack of grace
  my lack of forgiveness
  my lack of kindness
  my lack of gentleness
  my lack of self-control
  my lack of faith
  my lack of hope
  my lack of joy
  my lack of peace
  my lack of patience
  my lack of goodness

My ultimate failings

You know this about me
  and yet you love me
  and you sent your Son
  to live and die for me
  so that I might die and live with you

In my life
  be glorified