The Psalm

Psalm 103:11 (CSB) For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his faithful love toward those who fear him.

The Prayer

You are high
  far above the earth
  you alone are exalted
  far above
  all of my idols

But infinite distance
  that you are from me
  because of my sin
  and wickedness
  and trespasses
  and iniquities
  and the thoughts
  that are in my mind
  and the pull
  in my heart
  to pull away from you
  and do evil consistently

But that infinite measurement
  is the exact amount
  of your faithful love
  towards me

How do I know?
  You sent your Son
  and he traveled the distance
  and he bridges the gap
  so that I will be saved by you
  adopted by you
  loved by you
  and be with you

My Lord
  you are high
  above all the earth
  you are exalted
  far above
  all of my gods

And I will worship you
I will exalt you
I will love you

And with everything
  within me
  I will praise
  your glorious name