The Psalm

Psalm 103:10 (CSB) He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our iniquities.

The Prayer

My sins
  deserve the worst of your wrath
  the deepest hells
  the worst consequences

And I had suffered 
  through my own sins
  here on my earth

In your great holiness
  you could have left me to rot
  you could have hardened my heart
  fashioned me into a vessel of wrath
  prepared me for destruction
  and left me to my own devices
  and died
  and judged me forever
  and hated me forever

I was the worst sinner
  the chief of treason

In no ways
  did I do one thing
  to get you to notice me
  to get you to love me
  and care for me
  to give me grace
  to grant me mercy

  because you are rich in mercy
  you lavish me with grace upon grace
  and you love me
  you saw my condition
  and you knew I was going to die
  That is why
  you sent your Son
  to snatch from the pit of hell
  and sit me at your dinner table
  forever and ever

Who is like, Lord?
  And who can compare to you?
  You alone are worthy.