The Psalm

Psalm 103:9 (CSB) He will not always accuse us or be angry forever.

The Prayer

I have spent my entire life
  warring against you
  fighting you
  sinning against you
  ignoring you
  pretending to be good
  when I was corrupted
  to the core

With all of my life
  I have sinned against you
  lied to my fellow man
  lusted after women
  and anger towards children

I was an walking abomination
  and a living idol maker
  and a friend to Satan
  and a servant to the world
  and a slave to my own desires

I was a blasphemer
  violent man
  towards you

I was foolish
  enslaved by various passions and pleasures
  living in malice and envy
  detesting every one else

I was dead in my trespasses and sins
  and walked according to the ways of this world
  and was ruled by the ruler of the power of the air
  my spirit working in the disobedience
  lived with my own fleshly desires
  carrying out the inclinations of my flesh and thoughts
  and by born nature
  a child of wrath

I have made it my livelihood
  to resist your grace

But what was your response?

You did not destroy me
  you did not cast me to hell
  you did not leave me to my own corruption

  you were kind to me
  you sent your Son
  my Savior
  my Redeemer
  because you love me
  you saved me 
  the opposite of everything I have ever done
  and you were merciful to me
  you washed me clean
  you made me new
  you gave me your Spirit
  you justified me
  you gave me grace
  you made me a co-heir
  you gave me hope
  you gave me eternal life

  you strengthen me
  you consider me faithful
  you appoint me to the ministry
  you give me mercy
  you give me more grace
  you give me more faith
  you give me more love
  you give me more hope
  you saved me
  a sinner
  the worst of them
  and you give me more mercy
  so that in me
  as the worst of them
  you might demonstrate your extraordinary patience
  as an example to those who would believe in you
  for eternal life

  you were rich in mercy to me
  you were great in love to me
  you made me alive with Christ
  even though I was dead in sin
  you saved me by grace
  you raised me up with Christ
  you seated me with Christ in the heavens
  so that in the coming ages
  you might display the immeasurable riches of your grace
  through your kindness to me in Christ Jesus
  for you gave me salvation
  for you gave me grace
  for you gave me faith
  you made me your poem
  your masterpiece
  your workmanship

  you shown me the path of life
  you gave me the fullness of joy
  you gave me pleasures forevermore

Because you have given
  your only begotten Son
  Jesus Christ
  my Lord
  Son of God
  who is God

This is why
  I will proclaim
  I will sing
  I will praise
  I will boast
  you are the King of ages
  you are immortal
  you are invisible
  you are the only God
  you are worthy of honor
  you are worthy of glory
  you are worthy of praise
  you are worthy of adoration
  you are worthy of worship
  forever and ever