The Psalm

Psalm 103:3 (CSB) He forgives all your iniquity; he heals all your diseases.

The Prayer

My sins have been massive
  there is none that have out-sinned me
  for anger, I took joy in rage
  for lust, I have consumed all perversion
  for lying, every word out of my mouth was deceit.

But worst of all
  I pretend to be nice and kind
  but inside, I was the opposite
  and thought I had everyone fooled
  because if people knew the real person
  the one in my mind and heart
  they would not like me
  and they would despise me
  and have nothing to do with me.

And I have lost friends
  and loved ones
  because of who I really was

But you knew me
  you saw straight through me
  and in my cold heart
  was the root of evil
  that continuously thought evil thoughts

But you love me
  and you excavated my old heart
  and gave me yours
  sealed me with your Spirit
  renewed my mind
  opened my eyes
  and my ears
  and unmute my tongue

And the infection
  the cancer
  the disease
  that was eating my soul?
  Your purged it
  cleansed me
  and made me a completely new person.

Be glorfied in my life today.