The Psalm

The Prayer

My Redeemer
What terrible tragedies
  have plagued my life
  for all of my life?

Why must I take the brunt
  of everyone's sins?
  They have tortured me
  they have bruised me
  they have wounded me
  they have sought to kill me.

But, you, my God
  have sustain my life thus far
  I am now on the other side of tragic events
  I am now on the other side of circumstances
  I am now on the other side of pain
  and I have seen clearly
  where you have been with me
  and where you are for me.

My God,
  It is that Satan and his demons
  prisoners in their own sin and in the world
  hell and death
  sought my destruction
  but I am not dead yet
  because you have number my days
  and my life is in your hands.

If I were to die here
  I will forever live with you
  and be with you.

All of my days
  I will dwell in your house

It is there I will get to sing and worship and live and move
  with you forever.

Do with me as you will
  for you are my precious Lord and God.
  And I live to serve you alone.