The Psalm

The Prayer

My Heart
I have spent most of my life
  chasing after the world
  wanting what the world is offering
  and falling for the temptations of Satan
  every single time.

I yearn after my own lusts
  and my desires
  because surely this will make me secure
  surely this will keep me safe
  surely that this will protect my heart from all harm.

But it didn't
  and my world fell apart
  and I had nothing
  and I was nothing.

I have been foolish and ignorant before you

But how did you respond?
  You saved me
  and lifted me to you
  and I stare into your eyes
  and I cannot leave you
  even if I tried.

Who else do I have in this life?
  Where else do I go?
  Where else does my salvation come from?
  Who else has the words for eternal life?

Just you
  my only, only Lord Jesus.