You Are My Stronghold
I pray
  that all of my sworn enemies
  have sought to destroy me
  kill me
  hurt me
  maim me
  torture me
  and weaken me
  that they would all
  be saved
  by your hand
  with your love
  in the blood of your Son
  by the power of your Spirit.

I will say this once
  because they are not my enemies
  but prisoners of war
  a war they cannot see
  and death is already upon them.

Be merciful to them, Lord,
  answer my prayer
  save them
  so we can worship you
  Almighty God
  for there is none like you.

I would like to see their face
  in the light of your love
  in the light of grace
  in the luxury of your mercy.

I love you Lord
  and I know you will save
  your people
  from their sins
  because all of what your Son
  has done for us.

Thank you.
I praise you.