You Are My Deliverer
I have seen so many evils in my life
  And I thought I had so many enemies
  Because they have wounded me
  And attempted to destroy me.

I have come close to the edge of death
  Because I was desperate for your love
  And I cannot bear to live one more moment
  Under persecution and torment.

I was already weak.
  The schemes of the devil?
  They worked.
  I was defeated.
  And I was no more.

But in whatever way
  I cannot understand
  You saved me
  And you saved me time and time again
  No matter how far I stray
  No matter if I was faithful
  You came and grabbed me and brough me close.

What about that time
  When you gave me your peace?
  How did I react?
  I fled full long into sin
  I gave over to lust and temptation
  I was seeking nothing from you
  Because I thought I had lost everything
  I was too blinded
  To see 
  That no matter what I have lost
  Even my life
  I have everything
  Because I have you
  You are the holy one of God
  Christ Jesus my Lord
  I don't need to turn anywhere else
  I don't need to go anywhere else
  I have you.

You are my All-in-all.

Be my loving God.

Have mercy on me.

Thank you for saving me
  And making me your son.