You Are My Mercy
My presence
  My life
  My words
  My actions
  Boldly proclaim,
  "There is no God!"

I sinned when I wanted
  And never repented
  No intention of
  Because I thought I was be fulfilled
  I thought porn was caring for me
  I thought lust was healing me.

But my sins
  Chew on my bones
  And gnawed on my flesh
  And I was immune to the pain
  And could not see what it was doing.

I was dead in my trespasses
  and sins
  Because I walked according
  To the ways of this world,
  According to every whim of Satan
  Disobeying you with every breath of my life
  I dwelled in my own fleshly desires
  I did what was right in my own eyes
  Disobeying you
  And sitting under your wrath.

But you,
  O God
  Forever rich in mercy
  Because of your great love for me
  Took me from death
  To life with your Son
  Even when I was dead.

I am saved by grace!

You raised me up with Christ
  So why?
  So that you can display
  Your immeasurable riches of your grace
  Through the kindness of your Son

I was saved by grace through faith
  Nothing that I am
  Nothing I have ever did
  Nothing that I can ever do
  Because you gave me everything
  Because you gave me your Son

I will boast in nothing less
  Then Jesus' blood and righteousness.

Everything that I am
  I am your work and poem.

Give me your Spirit
  Write your word upon my heart
  Dwell in my heart
  And go and send me.