You Are My Restoration
I cannot fall back into wickedness
  I cannot sin again
  I cannot be apart from you
  I cannot

I don't want to live
  If I cannot be in your presence
  You life is my life
  And I choose not to live without you.

Any sin left on my heart
  I need you wash it away
  Bring it up
  Give me the gift of repentance
  So I can turn away
  And turn to you.

Do this every moment of my life
  I have done everything
  The world
  My friends
  And sin
  Told me to go after
  And all of it is crap
  I find it wanting
  It is lacking

You have been the only thing
  That I have ever experienced
  That has given me perfection
  Perfect in love

You are better
  You are more
  You are righteous
  You are far above all of my gods.

I hate this world
  And I want nothing from it.

Take me home.
  Cleansed me of sin
  And take me home
  You are so good
  And there is nothing left here for me.