You Are My Judge
My sins before you
  can stretch to the furthest galaxies
  can fill the oceans
  can corrupt my soul
  can tangle my flesh
  can rot my mind
  can breaks my heart
  can steal any love I have in me.

At one time
  you counted me wicked
  because I was wicked
  I was treasonous
  because I made war against you
  with my mind
  my heart
  and my desires.

But you, O God
  in your great mercies
  and your lavish grace
  gave me your Son
  to live and die
  in my place
  for my sins.

You granted me a new heart
  your Spirit
  new desires
  for you.

You have given me faith
  to exalt you
  to worship you
  to run to you
  to lay at your feet
  to hope in you
  to trust in you
  to obey your every word.

Keep your love on me
  Do not let me stray
  I do not want to lose you love
  you are all that I have
  I have nothing else
  where else can I go.

Be exalted, my Lord.