You Are My Dwelling
I have been surrounded
  by all iniquity
  temptation waits for me
  sin is drawing ever so closely.

The demons seek
  and wait for my moments of weakness
  which I am continuously frail
  surely I will be devoured.

Satan attempts one last time
  to destroy your son
  to crush me
  with the weight of my own sin
  surely I will be buried.

But you have appeared
  not just one time rescuer
  but the all-time destroyer of evil
  the everlasting protector
  the risen conquerer.

When I have fallen
  you have lifted my head
  when I am faithless
  you have been faithful
  when I am weak
  you are the Almighty God.

I will give you praise
  for all of my days
  because you alone
  are worthy of my praise.

King Jesus