You Are My Dwelling
I will sing
  of all of your done
  of your salvation of my soul
  of your goodness to me
  of your provision when I have nothing
  of your presence when I was alone.

I will proclaim
  that you alone are good
  that you alone are righteous
  that you alone are worthy
  that you alone are holy

I will preach
  that Christ came to save sinners
  of whom I am the foremost
  that Christ came to save His people
  from their sins
  that Christ is gentle and lowly
  and will take our sins
  of Christ alone
  and him crucified.

I will confess
  with a changed heart
  and a renewed mind
  and with your Spirit within me
  and your Son who died for me
  of all of my sins
  that you are God alone
  there is none like you.

I will live
  unto you alone
  because you are my precious God
  and my Lord