Only Giver of Life
When you found me
  I was a swollen corpse
  at the bottom of the ocean
  I was a dried up river
  in the middle of a burning desert
  I was frozen death
  in a icy wasteland

I was completely dead
  I had no life to call upon you
  I had no heart to beat towards you
  My hands and feet were death
  and I stunk like a rotting corpse
  with sin-maggots eating 
  away at my terrible heart

Surely I was left for dead

But you saw me
  and not only had pity on me
  but more so
  you gave me favor
  you lavished your grace
  and you extended your mercy
  You saw me
  in my desperate wickedness
  my unholy wretchedness
  my perversion wanton lusts
  and you loved me
  you cared for me
  you saved me
  you predestined me
  you called me
  you justified me
  and only because your promises
  are the only sure thing 
  you have glorified me

You are my Lord and my God
  there is none like you

Amen and amen