My Lord of All
You called upon me
  and I am your servant
  and I heard your voice

I will wait upon you
  to give me the command
  to preaching your good news
  to the lost
  the lonely
  the widowed
  the orphan
  the prisoner

I have waited for years
  and I will wait
  until you shower me with grace
  until you fill me with your Spirit
  like you did with your Son
  and you open my mouth
  they will not hear my voice
  nor will they hear my words
  they will hear you
  calling to them
  speaking to them
  raising the name of your Son
  Jesus Christ
  far above their sin and idols
  and draw everyone to you

So until that faithful day
  when you judged me faithful
  and appointed to your service
  I will sit still
  and wait upon the Lord
  I will meditate on your precious love
  I will praying and seek your face
  I will rejoice and be glad in you

I will praise your holy name
  forever and ever